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 Excellent cultural declaration
First, enterprise tenet
Learning ability is committed to innovation, innovation to competitiveness, competitiveness to life.

Second, enterprise target
Try hard to build a machinery equipmet enterprise with core competitiveness and continued vitality.

Three, enterprise spirit
Persistent and honest, ascend a height and innovate.

Fourth, idea of development
Discover potential between gap, enhance strength during competition.

Five, management philosophy
Human-oriented, overall situation first, based on details, implement contexts

Six, outlook on talents
Competition shows talents, achievements evaluate talents, system builds talents, culture nurtures talents.

Seven, views on employment
Know how to judge and use people, be tolerant with faults.

Eight, management ideas
Capital increases in competition,brand develops in innovation.

Nine, motto
Always devote to work, be sincere, rigorous, and everyone try to be excellent.

Ten, learning concepts
Learn in happiness, make progress in learning.

Eleven, cultural marketing concepts
Be comfortable with service and communication, feel at ease because that it’s convenient to use, feel relieved because of its strict quality.

Twelve, enterprise slogan
Everybody is respected and has development
Little help brings much return.
Love yourself, love Excellent.
love colleagues,love family members.
To respect each other and love each other .
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